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Mossy Bank Park and the Ted Markham Nature Center held its first Nature Photography Contest in July 2019, with over 75 entries on subjects ranging from local backyard mushrooms to Australian Sunsets.

The contest consisted of a Youth and an Adult division with 5 categories of entry including Wildlife, Landscape, Local, Outdoor Portraiture and Digitally Manipulated.

The contest, which kicked off in May, was free to enter and had generous prizes donated by local businesses including Tanglewood Nature Center, Corning Art & Frame, B&C Photo and Twin Tiers Scenics Photography. Contest co-coordinator, Dawn Sutherlin, was excited by the expansive geographical area represented by the participants. "We had artists locally from Bath but also from Waverly, Sayre, Wellsboro, PA and even Cattaraugus." said Sutherlin. Co-coordinator and head judge, Ron Good, was pleased with the quality of the images submitted. "There were some very good and memorable images that did not win. That is the sign a good photography contest."

The goal of the contest was to bring renewed appreciation to the art of photography and to raise awareness of a local natural gem, Mossy Bank Park. Contest committee member and Mossy Bank Park Committee Chairperson, Anne Keddy, marveled at the ability to bring the two topics together. "The nature photography show was a great way to get people outside, exploring and capturing the beauty of nature and then sharing that beauty with the public through their photos.”

The committee hopes to make this photography contest an annual event. In a world dominated by digital screens and virtual realities, it’s nice to remember that there is a real tangible world still available to go out, explore and capture. And, yes, while the capture is primarily done digitally, the photography contest provides an opportunity to get those digital images off the computer or phone and turn them into actual photographic prints that can be hung up and shared for years to come.

Thank you to all the participants and sponsors. Congratulations to all of the 2019 Photography Contest Winners.

Best in Show was won by Gail Norwood with her picture “Leaf In Ice.”

Youth Division: Outdoor Portraiture – 1st Rowan Butters with “Girl In Lake”, 2nd Brianna Hill with “Friend Throwing Some Color”; Wildlife – 1st Brianna Hill with “Wild Patch of Mushrooms”, 2nd Rowan Butters with “Pink Lily”

Adult Division: Landscape – 1st Nancy Peek with “View West Branch Keuka”, 2nd Brianna Sick with “Mooloolaba, Australia”; Local – 1st Michael Weishan with “Eagle Cliff Falls”, 2nd Darlene Cranmer with Sunset on Cayuga Lake”; Outdoor Portraiture – 1st Timothy Dowd with “Hot Air Balloon Letchworth”, 2nd Betsy Snyder with “Gymnast Reaching on Bridge”; Digitally Manipulated – 1st Lisa Belles with “Moonlit Apocalyse” and also Betsy Snyder with “HS Senior Natalia Playing Violin”; Wildlife – 1st Ronda Sick with “Baby Racoon”, 2nd Timothy Dowd with “Baldface Hornet” and also Gail Norwood with “Buck in Hay Field”; Peoples’ Choice – Julie Collins with “Newt”.

The majority of the entries from the photography contest are on display at the Bath Public Library on West Morris Street in Bath, NY through Labor Day. For pictures of the event and contest entries please visit the contest Facebook page, “MBP Photography Contest.”

2019 Mossy Bank Photography Contest Details
For more details: MBP Photography Contest     mbp.photo.contest     mossybankpark.com/photocontest.php

Mossy Bank Park Nature Center would like to invite you to share your outdoor based photographs in the 2019 Nature Photography Contest.

Winning Photos Gallery Display Contest Winners
This is an opportunity for both professional and amateur photographers to show images to the general public, as well as fellow photographers, at a Gallery Display and Awards ceremony held on July 20, 2019. Each age division has the same 5 categories. Photographer declares the category for each entry.

Nature/Outdoor Based Categories:

Landscape - Scenic nature views
Wildlife - Animals, Flowers, Insects, etc.
Outdoor Portraiture - People in outdoor activities/settings. (Waterskiing, Rock climbing, People Portraiture (with obvious outdoor background), etc.)
Local - Nature based within 2 hours of Bath, NY. (Watkins Glen, Mossy Bank Park, Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, The Chemung River, the Finger Lakes, etc.)
Digitally Manipulated - Images that have been significantly altered from the original. Including Infrared, HDR, panoramic and added content not found in the original image. (Adding a bear to a mountain stream, a unicorn on a hilltop, a puffy cloud blue sky added to a previous stormy sky, etc.) This does not include minor digital adjustments of color, brightness, contrast, etc. If you have specific question, please email us.

     YOUTH: 17 or Younger
     ADULT: 18 or Older

Entry Form:
   - Official entry forms must be completed and secured to the back of each entry.
   - If an artist submits more than one entry, a separate entry form must be completed for each entry.


Submission Requirements:

   - Each Artist can submit up to 3 unique images
       ○ Can be in the same or separate categories
   - There is no entry fee
   - All entries, at a minimum, must be mounted prints (preferably matted)
       ○ Recommended that all entries be protected in plastic sleeves
       ○ Unmounted or digital prints will not be entered into the contest
       ○ Framed prints will be accepted. Artists enters frame/glass at own risk.
       ○ See tips sheet for help with mounting techniques
   - Acceptable Print Sizes:
       ○ Minimum: 5x7
       ○ Maximum: 13x19
       ○ Matted dimensions can be larger
   - Each individual image must have a fully completed entry form secured to the BACK SIDE of the submission. Entries with no entry form will not be entered into the contest.
   - Entries can be dropped off at the locations, dates and times listed below.
   - All submissions shall be picked up by the artist at the awards ceremony
   - Mossy Bank Park will handle all submissions with the utmost care. However, all materials and images submitted are at the owner’s risk


   - Entry Drop Offs:
       ○ BATH, NY @ Bath Public Library (library hours): Wed. July 10th – Wed. July 17th
       ○ ELMIRA, NY @ Steele Memorial Library: Wed. July 10th 3pm – 7pm
       ○ WELLSVILLE, NY @ David A. Howell Library: Thurs. July 11th 4pm – 7pm
       ○ WELLSBORO, PA @ Gmeiner Arts Center: Wed. July 17th 2pm - 5pm
       ○ (check back for additional locations)
   - Awards Ceremony and Gallery Display:
       ○ Saturday July 20th @ Mossy Bank Park Nature Center
          ■ 10am: Gallery Display Opens
          ■ 11am: Awards Ceremony Begins
          ■ 12pm: Images can be picked up after close of awards ceremony
          ■ 1pm: Display Closes
       ○ Need not be present to win. Contact information must be provided on entry form.
       ○ Images remaining after awards ceremony shall become the property of Mossy Bank Park unless arrangements are made prior to the day of the ceremony.


   - 20 Awards in total - 1st Place and 2nd Place Awards for Each Category in Each Division
   - All Images will be evaluated for Quality, Photographic Skill and Overall Impact (“Wow Factor”)
   - Panel of Three Highly Qualified Judges
       ○ Blind Judging (Judges will not see names of the photographers- only an ID Number)
       ○ Each image is scored by each judge independently – total scores are calculated
       ○ Tie breaks are decided by discussion and re-evaluation by all three judges


Send questions to the contest email. Watch Facebook and Instagram for contest updates.


          MBP Photography Contest



Downloadable PDF with details and entry form

The “Fine Print” at the End of Every Photography Contest:
Artist grants permission for contest organizers to reproduce his/her name, information describing his/her work, representations of his/her work and any other information he/she has provided for the purpose of display, promotion and publicity either now or in the future.
If Artist is not available on-site the day of the award ceremony to pack or transport his/her work, he/she gives permission to the exhibit organizers to do so on his/her behalf at his/her own risk and expense. Works left after 1pm on the day of the ceremony, without prior arrangements, become the property of Mossy Bank Nature Center.
The Mossy Bank Nature Center nor the contest administrators shall not be liable for any injury to Artist, or for any damage or loss of Artist’s work, arising out of the above photography contest, the mounting and/or any other activities involved in the preparation and/or presentation of the photography contest. Artist agrees to assume all risk of damage to or loss of his/her own art from whatever cause. Artist further agrees to release and to hold harmless Mossy Bank Park sponsors, its officers, directors, volunteers and agents from any and all liabilities and damages to artwork and/or persons as a result of any part of Artist’s participation in the contest.
Artist shall indemnify, save and hold harmless the Mossy Bank Nature Center, the contest administrators, volunteers, agents and the participating exhibition venues from any and all claims, demands, causes of action and judgments, losses, costs and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees, arising due to the negligence of Artist, or other personnel hereunder, including but not limited to any representation, warranty, term and/or condition of this Agreement.
Artist shall be solely and exclusively responsible to insure properly and adequately their work and property.