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2020 Contest Details

Mossy Bank Park Nature Center would like to invite you to share your outdoor based photographs in the 2020 Nature Photography Contest.

This is an opportunity for both professional and amateur photographers to show images to the general public, as well as fellow photographers, at an online Gallery Display and Awards ceremony streamed August 8, 2020. Each age division has the same 5 categories. The Photographer declares the category for each entry.

Nature/Outdoor Based Categories:

Landscape - Scenic nature views
Wildlife - Animals, Flowers, Insects, etc.
Outdoor Portraiture - People in outdoor activities/settings. (Waterskiing, Rock climbing, People Portraiture (with obvious outdoor background), etc.)
Local - Nature based within 2 hours of Bath, NY. (Watkins Glen, Mossy Bank Park, Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, The Chemung River, the Finger Lakes, etc.)
Digitally Manipulated - Images that have been significantly altered from the original. Including Infrared, HDR, panoramic and added content not found in the original image. (Adding a bear to a mountain stream, a unicorn on a hilltop, a puffy cloud blue sky added to a previous stormy sky, etc.) This does not include minor digital adjustments of color, brightness, contrast, etc. If you have specific questions regarding this category, please email us at MBPphotographycontest@gmail.com.

     YOUTH: 17 or Younger
     ADULT: 18 or Older


Submission Requirements:

   - Each Artist can submit up to 3 unique images
       ○ Can be in the same or separate categories
   - There is no entry fee
   - All entries for 2020 must be digital images (no physical prints)
   - Any submitted image(s) must have a fully completed entry form with all required fields completed. Images with no entry form will not be entered into the contest.
   - Mossy Bank Park will handle all submissions with the utmost care, and only display the digital images at low resolution. However, all images are submitted are at the owner’s risk. If any photographers are still concerned with the digital display of their images (even at lower resolutions) watermarked images can be arranged for the gallery display, please contact us via email for more details.

Registration Form:
Follow this link to register and upload your images: REGISTRATION_FORM
If you are prompted for a password, it is your Google/Gmail password. It is used only to access the form. If you do not have a Gmail account or do not wish to sign up for a free account, please contact us for an alternative method.
If you have any issues or questions, please email us: mbpphotography@gmail.com


   - Digital Submission Deadline:
       ○ August 8, 2020, 7:00pm

   - Online Gallery Display:
       ○ Opens: Wednesday August 12th 2:00pm
       ○ Peoples’ Choice Award Voting: August 12th- August 15th 2:00pm

   - Awards Ceremony:
       ○ Sunday August 16th 5:00pm


   - 20 Awards in total - 1st Place and 2nd Place Awards for Each Category in Each Division
   - All Images will be evaluated for Quality, Photographic Skill and Overall Impact (“Wow Factor”)
   - Panel of Three Highly Qualified Judges
       ○ Blind Judging (Judges will not see names of the photographers- only an ID Number)
       ○ Each image is scored by each judge independently – total scores are calculated
       ○ Tie breaks are decided by discussion and re-evaluation by all three judges


Send questions to the contest email, mbpphotography@gmail.com. Watch Facebook and Instagram for contest updates.


          MBP Photography Contest



The “Fine Print” at the End of Every Photography Contest:
Artist grants permission for contest organizers to reproduce his/her name, information describing his/her work, representations of his/her work and any other information he/she has provided for the purpose of display, promotion and publicity either now or in the future.
The Mossy Bank Nature Center nor the contest administrators shall not be liable for any injury to Artist, or for any damage or loss of Artist’s work, arising out of the above photography contest. Artist agrees to assume all risk of damage to or loss of his/her own art from whatever cause. Artist further agrees to release and to hold harmless Mossy Bank Park sponsors, its officers, directors, volunteers and agents from any and all liabilities and damages to artwork and/or persons as a result of any part of Artist’s participation in the contest.
Artist shall indemnify, save and hold harmless the Mossy Bank Nature Center, the contest administrators, volunteers, agents and the participating exhibition venues from any and all claims, demands, causes of action and judgments, losses, costs and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees, arising due to the negligence of Artist, or other personnel hereunder, including but not limited to any representation, warranty, term and/or condition of this Agreement.

Mossy Bank Park and the Ted Markham Nature Center held its first Nature Photography Contest in July 2019 Contest