December 27, 2020

Often at year’s end I do a review of activities at the park. The Mossy Bank Park Committee met faithfully through the year. An interesting list of programs was in place by March, but then came COVID-19. All programs and formal activities had to be cancelled. Despite these losses, it seemed the park was utilized more than ever by hikers, bikers, family picnickers, hunters, and others who enjoyed the trails as an escape from pandemic restrictions. There were some physical improvements installed at the park that later-in-the-year visitors may have noticed. Some of the frequent bike riders and the Village Crew enlarged the off-season parking area, which should be able to accommodate at least 10 vehicles now. At the pond site, the crew took advantage of low water and a firm, dry bank to back-hoe out the thick border of cattails in five spots around the pond, greatly improving fishing access. For his Eagle rank requirement, a local Boy Scout will be constructing an informational kiosk, bench, table, and waste receptacle at the most popular fishing spot, and a bench at one of the other new openings. The scouts as a group are also planning a new set of stairs to the Lower Overlook. We are always grateful for these volunteer projects. One last, late improvement was running a Wi-Fi line into the Nature Center, with the potential of wider availability within the park.

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