• 100 acres of woods with several interpretive nature trails that are popular among visitors to the park. Maps and self-guided texts are available.
  • The Nature Center log cabin classroom is available for use by clubs, classes and organizations.
  • An incredible view of the Cohocton and Keuka Valleys and the Village of Bath.
  • Picnic Pavilions
  • Children’s Play area
  • Public Restrooms
  • A large pond with adjacent water shed to fish or study.
  • Enjoy the abundance of wildlife such as deer, birds, small mammals and maybe bears.
  • Wild plants, flowers and fungi to admire.
  • Geology to study. The elevation of Mossy Bank at about 500 feet about the Cohocton River offers excellent opportunities to study the geology of the area.
  • Ecology to study or observe. The life and beauty of the park offer unlimited opportunities for literary and artistic expression. Study trees, wood lot management and the ecological systems that exist in wooded environments in the 100 acre hardwood and coniferous forest.
  • Quiet places to meditate, contemplate and just enjoy being out in nature.
  • Natural beauty to admire, photograph or paint.
  • Geocaching: Charlotte at the Pond
  • How to Address Nature-Deficit Disorder with Your Kids
  • Fun (and Safe) Attractions for Families.php
Mossy Bank Picnic Tables available in the park