Mossy Bank History

Mossy Bank Park is 167.5 acres and was donated to the village of Bath by the Davenport Estate in 1958.

It was undeveloped until 1963 when the face of the cliff was hit by lightning which caused a forest fire that lasted for days. Roads were cut through the woods to allow fire equipment to reach the site of the fire. After the fire was out, the village board decided to develop the property into a public park.

The goal of the park development was to establish a limited recreation area primarily for play, picnicking and nature study for residents of Bath and visitors to the area. The topographic features of the park do not lend it to more intense use such as trailer camping, restaurant facilities and playing fields such as baseball or football.

The park was developed to include pavilions, picnic areas, playgrounds, restrooms, hiking trails and a scenic overlook.

The pond site of 14 acres was purchased and a 5.2 acre pond was constructed in 1966. It provides water for fishing, outdoor activities and fire protection.

The Mossy Bank Nature Center was constructed in 1998 to provide a setting for indoor study of nature, displays, activities and programs of interest for the public.

The Nature Center was renamed to the Ted Markham Nature Center in 2007 to honor Ted Markham. Ted is an original park committee member who has continuously worked on the ongoing park development.

The Village of Bath and various grants from the US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation and others have funded the development of the park.

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Mossy Bank Park Rules

  1. Picnic in designated areas only. Use trash cans or carry out.
  2. Grill in designated picnic areas only.
  3. Campfires only by prior approval. *
  4. Dogs must be leashed or otherwise under control of the owner.
  5. ATVs or snowmobiles not permitted in the park. Other motorized vehicles on roads only.
  6. Do not remove or introduce any plant or animal specimen. This includes trimming or cutting of trees.**
  7. Camping, trail building, hang gliding, competitive events, scientific experimentation require prior approval. *
    NOTE:  Due to an actively nesting Bald Eagle, a New York State and federally protected species, in the valley below, the launching of any aircraft, including drones and hang-gliders, is prohibited from Mossy Bank Park.
  8. Construction of any permanent structure, such as a hunting blind, is not permitted.
  9. Surface entry for gas drilling or mineral extraction not permitted.
  10. Construction of radio, cell phone, or microwave towers not permitted.
  11. Respect adjoining private property.

* Requires a Letter of Request to be submitted to the Village Clerk and approval by the Bath Village Board of Trustees and proof of insurance in an amount set by the Bath Village Board of Trustees and naming the Village of Bath as an additional insured.

** With the exception of legal hunting.

Mossy Bank Overlook