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June 6 Saturday 10:00 AM Rattlesnakes by Bob Corneau
You only fear that which you do not understand. The Timber Rattlesnake is a secretive, non-aggressive, but definitely venomous resident of our area. Few people have more experience with them than Steege Hill’s land steward, Bob Corneau. With luck he will be able to capture one of his friends for show and tell; but no petting allowed. Be assured, there will be no risk to attendees at the Ted Markham Nature Center.

July 18 Saturday 10:00 AM Climate Change and Health by Linda Diamond
One often overlooked aspect of climate change is its potential effect on human health. Fortunately, the American Lung Association in Ohio has been anticipating these problems and one of their Field Organizers will be at the Ted Markham Nature Center at Mossy Bank Park to impart these concerns. Come learn about this other dimension to Climate Change.

Aug 6 Thursday 8:00 PM Moths by Randy Weidner
As our first ever, non-astronomical after-dark program, we will meet at the Ted Markham Nature Center for a brief introduction, then proceed somewhere into Mossy Bank Park, set up an attraction device, and see what kinds of moths we can find. An opportunity for close examination of these interesting nocturnal creatures is expected.

Sept. 12 Saturday 10:00 AM Orchids by Jim Peek
Come to the Ted Markham Nature Center to hear Jim Peek, retired DEC Forester and excellent wildflower botanist, present a program about his long quest to find New York’s wild orchids. If you are unfamiliar with these botanical gems, Jim’s photographs and descriptions will entertain and surprise you.

Oct. 10 Saturday 10:00 AM Fungal Phenology by Randy Weidner
Phenology is the study of the timing of natural phenomena, like flowers blooming, or leaves turning color. Come to the Ted Markham Nature Center at Mossy Bank Park and hear what Randy Weidner has discovered over 30 years of studying local mushrooms about when certain ones are found and whether there has been change over the years.